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These young poets show there’s more to Flint than a water crisis
By Corrine Segal


– “At a low point in the summer of 2013, Flint student Razjea Bridges turned to poetry.

‘I kind of shut out everybody all throughout that year. Poetry was kind of the one thing that I relied on to make me feel better,’ she said.

It was her second year with Raise It Up!, a youth arts organization based in Flint, where she performed on a slam team with other young poets from the city. Going to their weekly practice, and talking to Raise It Up! co-founder Natasha Thomas-Jackson, helped her pull through what she said was one of the most difficult seasons of her life. ‘Being with the poets on the team, being with Natasha and having that encouraging, positive spirit really did save my life,’ she said.’  Read the full article at PBS NewsHour